Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Your Big Entrance- walking down the aisle like a pro.

Photo: Verge Photography

It's come time to plan your ceremony.  A trusted officiant and wedding planner can help you create the perfect order but don't forget about actually getting down the aisle.

Framing views

Pretend you're the photographer. What will you see? The kitchen access? An unkempt corner? Busy wallpaper? You should orient your ceremony with a gorgeous backdrop; through a window (or outdoors) or towards a beautiful wall, light or piece of art indoors. But you should also consider the back. Everyone will be looking there while they wait for your arrival. And there will be lots of pictures of that view, not to mention while guests file out to greet you. So stand in the middle of the , turn and decide carefully.


Your aisle should be wide enough for 2 people to comfortably walk next to each other without bumping decorations.
For picture purposes, it's a good idea if there's space between the aisle edge with decorations and the couple in the middle. It creates a nice structure for your eyes to follow through the picture. (Contrast in carpet/ground color and decorations is nice too btw.)

Hiding places

You will need a nice, comfortable, and well ventilated place to wait while the rest of your bridal party processes. It should be within earshot, so that you can hear the music but to the side so that you can have privacy and separation when your guests stand to wait for you.

It's really nice if it's a pretty enough place for photos too, as these are often some of the best shots.

Private moments

Your ceremony preparation is sometimes stressful and you rarely get to have quality time with parents or your spouse. It is a great idea if just prior to entering you have a space to be able to whisper hello or get a final hug without everyone looking.


Often overlooked but very simple.  
Do not have anyone do a weird step together move- just walk.
Don't go crazy slow and don't hurry. Be normal.


They are cute. (God makes them this way for a reason.) They're happy to be a part of your day but have a hard time remembering directions and will often abort for a grandma or a cookie seen out of the corner of their eye.

If they are important to you and you are a fairly relaxed bride, then include them.

Letting them sit during the ceremony is a GREAT idea. Children get tired quickly and will be the focus of all your guests as they attempt to make it through what they said they'd do. Let them be cute. Then let them sit.

Breathe & Smile

You wouldn't believe I'd have to tell you this but you'll forget. You'll be trying to remember what you're supposed to do and maybe a little dehydrated from celebrating. You need the oxygen and your stress drops just by smiling. Plus you won't be mocked for your picture.

Enjoy Yourself

Seriously. You want your ceremony to look a certain way and you want it to be meaningful but you should also enjoy the journey. Celebrate your mate and let it go.

Enjoy Your Event!