Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An Enjoyable Evening

It's happened before, and if you're not careful it will happen again.

Brides and Grooms plan great events and get so caught up in the hustle and details, they forget to enjoy themselves!

Don't let it be you.

How to Enjoy Your Event!

1- Plan

This does not mean you should over think everything. You should enjoy your planning too.
Get a schedule.
Make a binder.
Write it all down.

Do a walk through 1 month out, checking all the details and making notes.

Divide it all up and detail it out.

2- Delegate

2-4 weeks out go over all items and details with your wedding coordinator.

~ Alternately ~

2-4 weeks out pick people to help you do tasks.(Make sure you thank them with gift cards!)

Make a 2 week countdown plan for all the last minute details that will need to be done along with names of who will do them.

3- Let Go

All of your details should be done 1 week out.

If it's not done, drop it. You don't need it. (If you do, then hire or bribe someone else to do it.)

Spend the week and your event weekend...
-Enjoying time with out of town friends
-Having a drink with your soon to be hubby.
-Go to a yoga class and take a steam after.
-Shop for honeymoon clothes.
-Take a nap! No seriously, you don't want to get sick- 
napping is one of the greatest boosts for your immune system.

Planning a wedding is high stress but done right, it can be very enjoyable.

"Those who fail to plan, plan to fail."

Plan ahead.

Relax and enjoy the moment.