Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How many guests to invite?

You want to invite how many people?!

You're engaged, you're excited and you're telling everyone.
Of course! But wait a minute...

When you run into your long lost friend you haven't seen in years and you tell them the great news... stop... just before inviting them in person.

Tell anyone you want.  Blast it out on social media.  But leave out the "You have to come!" part for a little while.


Develop a vision for your event first. Your event will look A LOT different if you invite 30 people, 75 people or 150 people.  You can pay a lot of detail to tables, flowers, drinks and food at a smaller level that you cannot at a large scale.  Unless you hire a large staff and have a large budget.
(Vision post coming soon! We know, you can hardly wait!)


Go read The Cost of a Guest

Make a realistic budget. Goto to create an easy and customizable budget.
Then think about how many people that really fits.
For example...
$7,000 may look like a lot of money for food but may really only feed 100 people.

$45pp for a minimal buffet dinner & very light appetizers.
Cake cutting fee $2.50pp
$15 per server per hour (~$1,000)
Gratuity 20%
Tax 8%
Total Due $7.452

Now if you just want a bbq delivered drop catering service you may be able to spend less.  But decide early as this may make you sad when it kills your vision and causes lots of work for you and your family and friends without a budget for set up, refill and clean up help.  If it's your plan from the get go then it's not a problem. Surprises during wedding planning can often burst your bubble.

Inviting Guests

The plan...
1. Announce without inviting all

2. Plan your vision. (We'll help you tomorrow.)

3. Determine a realistic budget.

4. Plan a number of guests.
(Don't worry, we"ll help you determine who to invite and how not to let people feel left out.)

It's a big week here at Icing Side Up.
Don't Fret!

We'll help you...

Enjoy Your Event!