Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Using Color

Wondering where to start for your upcoming event?

Let color be your guide.

Find something you really love.  It can be something you wish to purchase for the event or even something you already own.  A photo, a pot, a candle stand, candy, anything!  Let this be your starting point.  

Often our clients have trouble putting into words what they want something to look like but an item or photo really speaks to them and then... we're off

You do not have to only use that color. But keep it with you when you're planning and use it as a base.

Often a color scheme works very well. Various shades of pink anchored by 1 shade of deep brown, for instance.

Little details can be very effective.  Create vignettes- small areas of focus where your guests will walk past or where there is something for them to do: sign a guest book, a drink station or just an entry table.

You do not have to decorate everywhere and this often trips clients up in the planning.  Pick and choose great and important spots and ignore the rest.

Ribbons, fabric and cheap plastic table runners... No really.

Go beyond their traditional uses and cover a light with fabric, drape a ceiling with rolls of plastic bright table clothes or our favorite- use thick satin ribbon to dress up the space, tied around vases, railings, candle sticks, cake plates, etc.

Stick with your theme.  Most weddings would do better sans plastic table cloths and balloons but these are a great inexpensive and bright way to make a kids birthday or baby shower exciting.

O.K.  It's probably time to hit Pinterest again...

Have Fun!