Thursday, October 30, 2014

Save The Date!

Do you need a Save the date card?

Save the Date cards serve several purposes...

- If many of your guests will need to book airfare, hotels and the like, then it is a great gesture on your part to alert them early so that they may watch fares.

-If some very important people to you live very far away or are very busy, then Save the Date cards are a great way to make sure they block off the weekend to spend with you ahead of time.

-It can serve as an engagement announcement (only to those who are invited of course.) 

-It buys you time.  Guests may make all the plans they need while you set about finding the perfect site, time and weekend details.  You can then send formal invitations closer to the event.
 I always felt like 6-8 weeks was not enough notice for people to attend a wedding.  Schedules book up fast and travel plans take much forethought. This way it's not a shock and guests to not have to cancel other plans to be with you.

Save the Date cards are not...

-"Hey, I'm getting married! Send me a gift!" Do not include your registry or gift requests on any stationary.  It's tacky.

-They are not detailed.  Do not detail out your event on the Save the Date card.  Otherwise your invite can be confusing. "Didn't we already get this invite?" Or it can look like somethings changed and so you had to update guests.

-Save the Date cards are not the last word.  They do not contain enough info to act on.  Plus guests need a reminder 6-8 weeks out.  Papers get lost and people get busy.

Save The Date cards are...

-A great way to set the tone for your wedding.  They tell guests a bit about your style. (I always advise against doing something very different than you normally would.) Guests will assume that it's your style.  Cowboy plates anyone?

-A great way to get guests excited about your event and talking about plans for the weekend or making a mini vacation out of it.

How to...

- Save the Date cards should be durable.  They'll need to be around to remember until your invites arrive.

- They should be creative. Pinterest time!

- Inexpensive is totally fine.  Postcards are awesome because your guests do not have to open them.  It makes them stand out against all the bills in the mail and they can pin them up or post them on their fridge.

-Add a phone number or email so people can contact you with questions or to plan a celebratory get together.


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We've said it before, we'll say it again... Pinterest!

Have Fun!

Enjoy Your Event!