Monday, October 20, 2014

Event Hacks- Unity Candle Disasters

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Today: Unity Candle Disasters

Unity Candles

What a beautiful tradition.

I especially like it when mothers of the couple light the side candles.  It is a very touching way to incorporate your families.

The list of what can go wrong in a wedding starts with the words Unity Candles.

Veils are flammable (This isn't news to you, don't panic.) 
People are nervous. 
Lighters get left in the wrong place.

Fear not! We've got you covered.

#1- Have a ceremony rehearsal.

Take practice candles- because reused candles don't look like a new creation.
 Actually light them- when people are nervous, it's harder than you'd think.

#2- Decide before the rehearsal how you will light them.

(decide nothing at the rehearsal btw- too many cooks!)


-A pretty match box- test prior to rehearsal to make sure the match doesn't break and lights easily.
-A black long handled lighter. Test it.
- When they are seated, have moms light outside candles off of perimeter candles that were lit prior to guests seating.

#3- Have a back up lighting source nearby

-on the table hidden behind the candles or under a Bible.

#4- If something happens...


A candle blows out or doesn't light, then redo it and make a comment like
"See what a resilient couple we are!"

Smile.  Breathe.  


Enjoy Your Event!