Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gift Baskets & Welcome Gifts

Looking for the perfect idea for a welcome gift?
We've got a tactical plan for you...
to create a great gift.

#1- Consider how many you will need (who will receive them)

bridal party
hotel guests
out of town guests
reception guests
children's activity bags

#2- Consider how they will be distributed

Are you handing them out?
Will the hotel distribute them at the desk? 
Will they be displayed on a table to grab?

#3- Consider what the recipients have done up to this point in the day.

Have they been traveling all day? Are they hungry? Thirsty? Tired, maybe they could use bath salts.

Kids who are bored would love a mini coloring book and crayons, candy that takes forever to chew but they won't choke on is awesome for quiet too :)

A box with a bottled water, a Cliff Bar, mints, a soda or iced coffee and a thank you note- would be awesome for vendors.

#4- Consider what is unique about your location or your event

Location themed baskets for hotel guests as they arrive. 

Colorado almond toffee, Eldorado Spring water with a note about Altitude, a pair of New Belgium Beers

Utah- Bath salts from the salt flats, Honey, from local bees with Tea to go with it, a cute Utah Rocks! key chain.

Or consider your event...

A dessert reception could send guests home with a bag of nuts, crackers and sparkling water for a late night snack.

A mountain wedding could include waters and hiking maps.

Tailor it to you! You're guests will love it! Think snacks, drinks, tips, relaxation and fun (playing cards anyone?)

#5- Consider budget

Notice how this wasn't first? Ahh, what a relief! You can create a perfect gift no matter the budget.

A great note with a warm welcome and local hot spots is fine if your budget is tight.

The dollar store may have great plain bags you can use.

Check your receipt at craft stores, they often have a coupon attached you could use for boxes and ribbons.

Check Pinterest for great creative ideas that won't break the bank.

#5- Time & Temp

How long will they last? Are they perishable?
If so plan ahead all you can and have someone else add the perishable items at the last minute.
Do they need to be kept cool? Melted chocolates aren't so great.