Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Centerpieces

You've been on Pinterest all night, don't deny it.
You can't decide what to do for centerpieces for your event.

You need a plan...

Starting Points

1- Color

-Consider your event colors, then find flowers you like in that color scheme.
(Great flower article to come btw)

-Or go from the flower. Found a flower in a color you adore? Take it and run with it. Use it as a base and build from it. It can determine your style, mood, even determine the container.

2- Style

-A ceremony in the garden followed by lunch in a Victorian home? Think frilly, fine- wildflower type bouquets and tall vases filled with wispy flowers.

-A black and white modern event would lend itself to tightly bunched deep red roses in a low centerpiece without filler.

-A summer afternoon reception was fantastic with bright white table cloths, wheat grass bases with gerbera daisies (held upright by straws).

3- Season

-Help your budget and make your decision by choosing your flowers by the season.

You could order bunches and bunches of 1 type of flower and have overflowing buckets for a very reasonable budget.

A good start...