Monday, October 6, 2014

Event Hacks- Boutineers

Event hacks.  
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Enjoy Your Event!

Today: Fixing the forgotten corsages & boutineers.

Oh no! There's no corsage for grandma! What to do?!

Worry not, you have a couple of options.

#1- Do not let anyone notice what you're about to do. (Especially the person who's missing flowers.) You don't want them to feel left out, like they're unimportant.

#2- Grab some scissors and goto the back of your ceremony flowers, aisle flowers, bridesmaids bouquets or centerpieces. Cut off a few flowers and filler that no one will notice.

#3- Take the same very sharp scissors and cut a small amount of ribbon (at an angle) about 6" long. Look for ceremony flowers, they often have very long ribbons.

#4- Hold them tightly together, wrap the ribbon around a couple times and tie a double knot in the front. Cut ribbon ends at an angle ~ 2" unevenly.

#5- Cut the flower stems evenly about 1 1/2" below ribbon.

#6- Hopefully you have an extra pin in that empty corsage and boutineer box.


You can cut a mini bouquet for the missing person. It's sometimes easier and you can leave longer prettier tentrils of ribbon.

If you're missing a bout that needs to match (ie a groomsman) then steal the officiants or grandpas and give it the groomsman and make a new one for your poor loved ones stolen flowers.

If you're really cool, then your event coordinator or florist can wrap you a new bout with floral tape and present a new pretty pearl ribbon for grandma.

#7- Relax, Enjoy Your Event!
You can do what you can to take care of the forgotten, but you can only do so much. Then smile, and enjoy.