Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Outdoor Ceremonies

Photos: Verge Photography

Colorado is a gorgeous place to get married! Sunshine, mountains, great views almost anywhere you look. Of course you want to get married outside- but what about the weather and the elements?

We've got some great tips and ways to plan to help you have a better chance at those outdoor nuptials.

#1- You must relax.  

If you can be the kind of bride that can go with it, whatever the day may bring, then go for it. Plan that outdoor wedding! If it is going to keep you up at night worrying about it, then maybe you'd be better off planning a beautiful ceremony indoors. There's lots of beautiful options. Do whatever you need to Enjoy Your Event! (Including the planning.) You should be as relaxed as possible and enjoy the journey too.

Pick a site that is as relaxed as you and willing to be flexible and do multiple set ups.

#2- Pick a good month.  

Check the farmers almanac, the weather channel averages, ask the site when they've seen the best (and worst) weather, ask you aunt who lives close to the site, any research you can to get an idea for calmer weather chances. If you want to get married during a thunderstorm in Colorado, then 3pm in July would be a great time. If you'd like to have a calmer day then you might be better off earlier in the day (and in the year for that matter.)

#3- Have a really good plan B. Colorado is also unpredictable- weather wise. So plan your outdoor ceremony and put real thought and time into plan B. Put it into writing and give it to caterers and event staff to sign well beforehand. Then remind them closer to time. When you do your walk-through speak spend time on plan B as well.  

Questions to work through.

(Tell them what you want but be realistic too.)
-How long will they wait to decide? Who will decide?
-If the rain goes away can they quickly re-set outside? (probably if it wasn't a severe storm or set-up isn't extensive.)
-Does the site or caterer have the staff to handle such a move?
-Would you rather get married inside or wait it out and see? (offering your guests drinks and apps inside for an hour and milling around with them, makes this a great option.)

#4- Simplify-

Simplicity lends itself better to the ability to fit in an outdoor ceremony. Long ceremonies, extravagant flower installation, and separate ceremony and reception sites make flexibility hard.

#5- Space

Extra Space is also important. You can't move your ceremony inside if it's already set with dinner tables- unless your guests will just sit at their tables for the ceremony. (Which works by the way if everyone can see.) It's really nice if the site has an extra empty room or if you will utilize a room intended for your cocktail hour with little furniture set. (By the way if you do use your cocktail space for your ceremony and the storm goes away- happens in Colorado- you could have your cocktail hour outside and just have staff re arrange the chairs.)

Don't be afraid to try an outdoor wedding. But be realistic, relaxed and plan well.

Now go enjoy the outdoors!