Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cakes and other yummy things.

What's an event without something sweet? It's so important that we've planned events with only sweets.- Dessert reception anyone?

What do you like?

No seriously, people get sick of eating all the same floured cakes with butter-cream frosting.  If you love berry tarts, then incorporate it into your summer evening! Your guests will love having something different.

Budget Concerns?

Plan a large buffet table covered in various blocks and cake pedestals filled with a variety of cupcakes.  Our favorite thing about this idea? No one has to cut a huge cake!

What type of event are you having?

A garden event- A pretty clean and spiring tall white vanilla cake- Just keep it out of the sun.

A late night reception in a big city- how about a variety of rich chocolate desserts: mouse, ganache covered cakes, truffles, and chocolate covered strawberries.

A kids birthday party- monster cupcakes and a ice cream sundae bar.

A snowy mountain dinner- a golden croquembouche

Photo: Merle Ja Joonas

Like all planning details, consider it carefully, make it you and relax and 
                                                                  Enjoy Your Event!