Sunday, November 30, 2014

Who to invite? 10-300

Deciding who to invite is the single hardest decision in any event.
You don't want to leave people out. But each guest adds cost, seats and changes your dynamic.

You need a plan...


An event of 10 people feels very different than an event with 300.
So first consider what you want it to be like.
Don't think about budget yet, don't worry about your third cousin or entire church that wants to attend.
Wait... and picture.

Photo: Jeff.Finn

Smallest- 2-15 guests

Your immediate family, a best friend and each other.  This event is intimate, relaxed and the most tender of events.  It can be extravagant- off to a secluded island, a weekend long celebration in your favorite city, a snowy mountain retreat get-a-way, whatever suits you best!

This event doesn't offend many people.  They tend to understand that they're not included when you're only inviting a dozen people.  It's less event and more announcement.

Photo: Seamusiv

Medium- 50-75 guests

This is our favorite size event.  You have awesome options of unique and stylish sites. It's a great number for a stylish dinner and dessert.  You can design to your hearts content and still stay on budget.  The catch? You must carefully pick your guests so that people are not offended.

Photo: Aurelien

Large- 100-300

Make sure you have the space and consider a seating arrangement. This event can also be fabulous. Pick a few key places to add some eye catching decorations.  Pick an off time when it will be obvious that a major meal won't be served- or just say Cake & Champagne Reception and figure 1 piece and 1/2 glass pp for a toast.

Here's how to not offend people not invited...

Levels- Make the cut...
For example: if you invite one long lost third cousin, it's better to invite them all.

Level 1- Bride & Groom
Level 2- B&G, parents, closest friends
Level 3- B&G, immediate family, important friends
Level 4- B&G, extended (but seen often) family, current (seen often friends)
Level 5- B&G, extended family (incl. travelers), current and select important friends from your past
Level 6- B&G, all family, all friends, co-workers of B&G
Level 7- B&G, family, friends, co-workers of B&G & moms and dads, your dentist and the mayor.

There are exceptions. to these levels but this helps protect feelings and give you a place to know when to say when.

The dynamic is very different if you've invited your closet family and friends than if you add an open invite to your church of 150.  Will you find your closest people you want to celebrate with? Will your church members leave early or be offended at your martinis?  It's always best to picture your event.  Not just your flowers and dress, but how your experience of it will be.


What if who you want to invite you cannot afford or fit?


Sent after the event to let people know- or you can send them before- just omit all event details.
James & Sarah
would like to announce 
their upcoming marriage
June 20, 2015

Do not include a registry list.  Otherwise it looks like...
You're not invited, 
but send gifts anyway

After is a great way to announce because you can include new address, phones and such.

The Double Reception

Invite them all and have a cake reception where your ceremony is held. (often your church) and then have a lavish dinner reception later for a smaller closer group.  Give people time to make the transitions or even go back to their hotels for a nap before a long evening of drinks and food at your favorite restaurants private space.

Simplify your plans

Get creative for a bigger site or a shorter outdoor reception in  a safer weather month.

Most of all be flexible.
Weddings especially are highly emotional times for all.

Take a deep breath, take care of your loved ones feelings too and Enjoy Your Event!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Social Event... It's time for your event to go viral.

Responsive Wedding Websites

Beautiful stationary is not lost and forgotten. 
We love great stationary to match your style.

But going social is a great addition for your guests.

They can spend all that down time checking out all your gorgeous couples photos and planning how they'll party the weekend away. 
 It's also a great way for you to alert guests ahead of time as to how you want to do something special.

Your Wedding Web Site

There are a ton of awesome sites available for you to choose from to design your very own web site.

Some of our favorites are...

There are many more! Find one you love that fits your style. (Just Google it!)

Pages to include on your web site...

-Lots of gorgeous pictures.

-A short story about how he proposed or how you met.

- A who is who of your bridal party & moms and dads if you wish.

-A registries page.
Be sure to be humble and funny. It's better to include this here than in formal mailed stationary.
You could title the tab 'Dreams' or 'Wishes'.
At the top of your page you could say...
“All I want for Christmas... is you!” or “All we want for our wedding is you! But if you insist, we came up with some things we crazy love.” or “You shouldn't have!”
(Register at 2-3 places. Places that are convenient for your guests. Close to where they live. A great online store with free or inexpensive shipping. Make sure to register for many inexpensive items as well as a few large items. That way there is something for everyone and even options if several people want to go together for you.)

- Destination weekend information.
- Hotel info. Let guests know where you've blocked rooms off and where you think the majority of people are staying. Side notes are also helpful. Like “This hotel is a little bit more but offers shuttles to _____ and is very close to ______.” and then also offer a less expensive option so that guests don't have to hunt for their own hotel in an unknown city.
-Weekend activities/Schedules- Let guests know what's going on. Planned events like rehearsal, dinner, ceremony and reception- as well as other things that any one who wishes to go can do- Sporting events, tours, comedy clubs, etc. Include whose invited to what- they won't mind. They'll just be glad to know what is expected.
-Local info- your favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream joints and the like. Don't know the area? Don't fret, just use yelp!

-Don't be too wordy on your site. They love you but have other things to do. (remember to have a great ratio of pictures to words to keep people's attention.)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

There will be photos.
More than you ever dreamed.
You could ask guests to not take any but that seems a bit Mariah Carey.
A better idea is to just remember that the cameras are always on.

Make a little sign...
“Make us look good!

Use these great new wedding add on's in your event!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Event Hacks Rice Krispie Cake Cheats

Event hacks.  
Quick little tips to save your event and help you ...

Enjoy Your Event!

Today: Rice Krispie Cake Cheats

You've decided to make a cake for your child's birthday.  Maybe even a very lucky friend.

Cake only cuts into so many shapes and then you're stuck.

What do you do when you need to carve out a swimming pool or stairs in a cake?!

Detailed shapes create problems in a fancy cake.

Fear not!

Make 2 sheets of Rice Krispie Treats before you start your cake creations.  Then carve, scoop, and press the shape you need into the krispie. Frost and cover with fondant as usual.

As a side note: Fondant rice krispie treats are so addictive.  Proceed with caution.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What to make for your Halloween party.

Food Friday- Halloween!

Welcome to a new series... Food Friday  

Every Friday we will bring you great food ideas for your event.  

Try a few out at home on your friends.

Your Halloween Breakfast...

Pumpkin Spice Biscotti Recipe - On Sugar Mountain
Pumpkin Biscotti
Head over to On Sugar Mountain for the recipe.
IMG_2470.JPGBourbon Pecan Pumpkin Butter- this is absolutely what your toast has been missing.Head over to The Hungry Belgian for the yummy recipe

Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

 Made all by yourself.


Pumpkin Spice Syrup (oh the places you could use this.)
-1C Sugar
-1C Water
when the sugar has dissolved add
-2T Pumpkin Puree
-1 T Pumpkin Pie Spice

Make you own by mixing ...
-3 Tablespoons ground cinnamon 
-2 teaspoons ground ginger 
-2 teaspoons ground nutmeg 
-1½ teaspoons ground allspice 
-1½ teaspoons ground cloves 
-½ teaspoon ground cardamom

Simmer 10 minutes.  Cool.
If you want to be really cool you could keep your pumpkin spice syrup in a cleaned Roundhouse Pumpkin bottle (since they're only 375ml) Just don't confuse the two!

Draw your espresso as usual.

Add Foamed milk to your liking.

Add 2 ounce syrup.

Enjoy the quiet.  This evening probably won't be.

Now's the time to start the desserts for tonight.

Pumpkin Pie Bites
Head over to whatscookinglove for the recipe

Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream |

Pumpkin Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce. mmm.

Head over to Foodie with Family for the recipe

Pumpkin Crunch Cake Slice

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Head over to Desserted Planet for the recipe.

Now that we're worried about becoming a diabetic...

Plan a dinner of protein and healthy vegetables.

Guacamole From a Pumpkin.

Easy Guacamole with a twist.

Thanks to Amee's Savory Dish.  You're a genius!

Three-Bean Chili |

Three Bean Chili (Don't worry, it has ground beef too!)

Head over to Whole & Heavenly Oven for the recipe.

Need some ideas for great vegetables to roast up?

Head over to Fightin Foods for great ideas.

Happy Halloween!

Save The Date!

Do you need a Save the date card?

Save the Date cards serve several purposes...

- If many of your guests will need to book airfare, hotels and the like, then it is a great gesture on your part to alert them early so that they may watch fares.

-If some very important people to you live very far away or are very busy, then Save the Date cards are a great way to make sure they block off the weekend to spend with you ahead of time.

-It can serve as an engagement announcement (only to those who are invited of course.) 

-It buys you time.  Guests may make all the plans they need while you set about finding the perfect site, time and weekend details.  You can then send formal invitations closer to the event.
 I always felt like 6-8 weeks was not enough notice for people to attend a wedding.  Schedules book up fast and travel plans take much forethought. This way it's not a shock and guests to not have to cancel other plans to be with you.

Save the Date cards are not...

-"Hey, I'm getting married! Send me a gift!" Do not include your registry or gift requests on any stationary.  It's tacky.

-They are not detailed.  Do not detail out your event on the Save the Date card.  Otherwise your invite can be confusing. "Didn't we already get this invite?" Or it can look like somethings changed and so you had to update guests.

-Save the Date cards are not the last word.  They do not contain enough info to act on.  Plus guests need a reminder 6-8 weeks out.  Papers get lost and people get busy.

Save The Date cards are...

-A great way to set the tone for your wedding.  They tell guests a bit about your style. (I always advise against doing something very different than you normally would.) Guests will assume that it's your style.  Cowboy plates anyone?

-A great way to get guests excited about your event and talking about plans for the weekend or making a mini vacation out of it.

How to...

- Save the Date cards should be durable.  They'll need to be around to remember until your invites arrive.

- They should be creative. Pinterest time!

- Inexpensive is totally fine.  Postcards are awesome because your guests do not have to open them.  It makes them stand out against all the bills in the mail and they can pin them up or post them on their fridge.

-Add a phone number or email so people can contact you with questions or to plan a celebratory get together.


One of our favorite wedding blogs is Wedding Chicks.  
Head over to see some great Save the Date ideas.

We've said it before, we'll say it again... Pinterest!

Have Fun!

Enjoy Your Event!