Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Should You Have A Wedding Rehearsal?

How do you have a ceremony that runs smoothly?
How will the ushers know how to usher your family out?
How will your musicians know when to play for your unity candle?
How will you know when to respond to your officiate?
How can you get your maid of honor to take your bouquet and fix your muddled train?

See you really do need to practice.

Make a program- an order of details of the ceremony. Even if you don’t want one for your guests, your officiate, coordinator, musicians, readers and ushers will need one to follow. It should include the names of your musical pieces, readings and liturgy and who is intended to play, sing or speak.

Decide every detail before with your officiate and coordinator. Trust me you do not want advice from your Aunt Ruth about how to walk in or from your soon-to-be mother in law about where the men should go. No one will agree, it will add time and confusion to your rehearsal and no one will remember what you ultimately decided on. Do it before and write it down. Now is the time for a little detail. We do not suggest that you obsess about your wedding for a year before, but we do suggest you give a few things some time before your big day.

Get everyone there on time and promise them if they pay attention (harder with adults than kindergarteners) that you will reward them with a drink and dinner after.

Have your coordinator…
1- Set your bridal party up in their places at the front.
2- Guide them how to recess/leave (and inform them where they will go after the ceremony)
3- Line the bridal party up in their pre-ceremony places at the back (guys, girls, children, parents)
4- Inform participants about entry order and instructions to reach the front.
5-Run through your entire ceremony from processional songs to recessional
6- Include details like hand offs, microphones, when musicians/readers should come forward
7- Skip the words of the ceremony and the I-do’s (It’ll be better tomorrow)
8- Give your officiate your marriage license and your wedding rings to your coordinator or maid-of-honor.
9- Give everyone directions to dinner.
10- Relax and enjoy your friends and family. Don’t drink too much- there are going to be a lot of pictures tomorrow.