Monday, September 1, 2014

Useful Favors

Favors can be overwhelming for many people. What to give and how to make so many is often a bit much to deal with. It often comes at a time when you are beginning to be overdone with so many details.

Here are some guidelines-


You do not have to give favors. Really. Your budget is much better spent on food, drink and music.


Favors began as something useful that your guests needed and that you as a wonderful host provided. Often with a very cute tag to let them know what newly married couple thought of their needs. Most favors were often matchbooks that your guests could carry around with them to smoke. Now that we know this leads to lung cancer it has thankfully not been the gift anymore. "No thank you- enabler!"


Consider your event and 'walk through it' as a guest will. Think about what they might need or enjoy during your event or on the way home.
Some ideas...

  • A very cold bottle of water for the road. Fill a galvanized bin with bottles of water (specially labeled if you have the time.) Then pour ice over them and place them conveniently on the way to the parking lot for your guests to grab.
  • A fan for your guests is the perfect gift if your church lacks AC. You do not have to have them for all guests but it can be a very sweet gesture to provide some. "We're aware it's hot, we're sorry. We love you"
  • Crayons and a mini coloring book might be a great idea if there will be lots of kids. Especially if you think there will be lots of sitting for them and no room to run around.
  • A bag for your guests staying at a hotel might be very helpful after a long flight. Include a small bag of nuts or trail mix. A little bag of m&ms and a bottled ice tea or lemonade. A thoughtful note of the best places to go for an ice cream, coffee or pre-event snack is great as they will not have to spend their energy trying to find something good.
Think through your event like a guest and see if you can provide something for them to make their day or weekend nicer. If your budget doesn't allow for presents for them, notes of help are great. Schedules, phone numbers, restaurants, etc.

Show your guests how happy you are that they've come and that you truly want them to enjoy your event too.