Thursday, September 25, 2014

Destination Wedding- Right Near Home

Photo: Roddy Macinnes

Everyone loves the idea of a destination wedding but sometimes it's not feasible due to budget restraints, guest list (how can grandma come?) or other logistics.

Fear not!

Simply stage a 'destination wedding' right near you!

1. Set the Stage- 

Send out save the date cards early to get people excited.

Save The Date
For our wedding 
and a great vacation in beautiful___________________
We're planning lots of great things for you!
Start watching that airfare!

2. Pick a very cool hotel for you all to stay

One willing to offer a great rate (most) people can afford for a block of rooms.  
(make sure that the hotel sets it up so that guests pay themselves and not through you- you don't want to be out on a limb for unbooked rooms)

Great hotel perks...
  • Close to lots of restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops and the like.
  • Airport shuttle, so that your guests don't have to rent a car.
  • Great breakfast area in the hotel so that your guests can mingle every morning.
  • A pool, hot tub or steam room always entice.
  • A great spa for guests to use and for a fun bridemaids thank you day.
  • A great event space for you to rent.

3.Utilize the Hotels event space for a great deal-

Hotels are often willing to offer you great package deals the more you use.
  • Book a block of 10 rooms to start (to get the deal) make sure you're not obligated and that the hotel will automatically add rooms as they book so you don't run out.
  • Plan to rent their coolest event space for your reception.
  • Use their in house caterer.

4. Book a cool restaurant near the hotel for the rehearsal dinner.

Within walking distance is awesome!
Some big cities have free shuttles, which work great too!

5. Make a website of your event weekend

Let your guests know of all the great things they can do!
Plan some things that some guests can do together if they wish, some wedding events and lots of options and time for guests to explore your location on their own.
Make sure to include 1 program for wedding party and other options for those not invited to the rehearsal dinner.


Rehearsal 5pm
Rehearsal Dinner 7pm
(Those not in the wedding party are invited to Comedy Works @6)
Drinks at Hotel Lounge 8-11pm Come one come all!

Free Breakfast in the hotel atrium
Hotel Pool opens at 9 (Bar @11)

Ceremony at 5 pm
Reception 6-10 pm in the ___

Meet in the lobby at 8am to go hiking (shuttle provided)
Colorado Rockies Baseball Game 1pm

Make sure to include contact names and sites to book needed tickets on.

6. Leave your guests a welcome bag at reception

include water, a candy bar, popcorn, an itinerary of optional activities, maps for wedding events and especially a list of great places near to visit- restaurants, ice cream, bars, sport events, art galleries, etc.

7. Book a room for you too!

For as many nights as your guests are there- stay with them at the hotel and enjoy your stay-cation.
(book first nights separately and the hotel will change you to that honeymoon suite for a night or two after your event.- better keep that room a secret!)

8. Relax and Enjoy!