Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Your Big Exit

You've planned all the details of your big day, now is the time to think about the end. Don't be sad. It means the rest of your life begins now.

Many couples haven't given much thought to how and when they'll exit their reception. You should talk about it beforehand with your future spouse. How late do you imagine staying? Will you sneak away into the night or have a grand exit?

A big exit depends on how many guests will stay to the end. If your reception is late on a Saturday evening and you've invited your church, the place may clear out early. If you have a short lunch reception, this may be a great opportunity for a grand exit as most of your guests will still be there.

Be honest about what you want and have a plan B if the event goes differently. You don't want to miss your own party just so you can have everyone send you off. Sometimes enjoying the evening with your closest friends and slipping away when the two of you are ready can be just perfect.

Another thing to consider and plan with your vendors is- tear down time. Vendors will be told when guests have to be out and when clean up needs to be done but they will jump at the chance to clean up early and get out.

Make sure to speak to your caterers about how and when they'll clean up. Make sure they ask you if they want to clear the room early because nothing bursts your bubble like all your pretty decorations carted off before your eyes and tables slammed shut. Then add it in writing to your catering contract.

Plan with your DJ or band when they will stop and if there's background music at the site that can be played if the music ends before the reception does.

Plan who will take all your presents and cards and decorations home before your event. Your romantic first night should not include you packing your car to the hilt and having to load and unload. Hire someone else to do it.

Make a point person for the end so that no one is harassing you for what to do about all the wrap up details. Someone family or friend who knows you well is best. Let them decide and just enjoy your spouse and your celebration.