Friday, September 26, 2014

"It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day"

You've made grandiose plans. It will be a beautiful event and it light up social media all weekend.

What if?...

You must consider the what if's. Do a walk through. Make a plan B (one that really is ok with you.) and then... Let it go.

Stop thinking, worrying, waking up at night. Leave it to your vendors and your wedding planner to carry it all out for you.

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?" Luke 12:25

If something goes wrong a good event planner will take care of it without you even knowing.

Your part in it? Relax and Enjoy Your Event! Yes I know you're the bride and it's all about you- so let it be all about you.  You're not fixing it, it's not your job.  Your job for the day? Focus on your new spouse and just enjoy.  Take it in like a guest.  Laugh, smile, enjoy your friends and family.

Remember if something does not go according to plan.  It's ok.  You must remind yourself.  It's just a vest.  It's just a cake.  It's just rain.  

We have been a part of some of the most amazing days with some truly amazing couples who laughed through rain and made a very memorable event for all.  
Who kept a secret that the cake on display was a Styrofoam decorated cake from a show and guests never knew when that beautiful tower was wheeled into the back and cake slices came out that it wasn't the same.  They just enjoyed their day.

Plan well.
Hire competent vendors.
and... Enjoy Your Event!