Monday, September 15, 2014

Easy Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can be over whelming. You don't know the names and really can't believe you have to spend so much on them.

Here's a few tips for planning those gorgeous buds...

1. Suit Yourself!

If you're Miss America you could put them in your red plastic cup. Just suit your personality. Make it you, not what you think you are supposed to have for your wedding. Anything goes. Get on Pinterest or and start seeing what you like.

2. Order them from a wholesaler or even CostCo (cue gasp) and tie them up yourself. Better yet have your sister or someone close to you whom you trust do it so that you won't be stressed just days before your wedding.
Did you know that you don't usually need a wholesale license to order flowers from a wholesaler.  They can sell retail to you and you'll still save a bundle.

3. Pick some gorgeous ribbon beforehand to tie your flowers up once you've wired them together.

  • Start with a center flower and while adding to your hand vary which flower you add next until your bouquet is big enough.  
  • Wire the bouquet tightly and cut the end of the wire off and tuck it in.
  • Use garden shears to cut all stems to same length- About 3" below where you'll hold them.
  • Tie a pretty and thick ribbon around your bouquet then wrap it around to cover most of the stems.  Leave tendrils out or hot glue end to ribbon.
  • leave the bottom of the flowers out and put them in a little water to keep them fresh until the ceremony.  This way the bouquet can be assembled the day before.
4. Relax, they're flowers.  They don't have to be perfect. Just a pretty accessory for you to carry.  Ancient brides carried flowers to mask body odor from their groom since they couldn't bathe often.  This probably isn't the case for you- so it's probably not as serious of an issue.

Enjoy Your Day!