Monday, September 29, 2014

Secrets and Event Hacks- Buffet Building

Welcome to a new Monday morning series... Event hacks.  
Quick little tips to save your event and help you 

Enjoy Your Event!

Today: Building a gorgeous buffet!

The secret... Styrofoam blocks.

1. Place table cloth on table. (skip the skirting to save money and just order long cloths.)

2.Take large Styrofoam blocks and place them on table.  (Use a little duct tape rolled over under them to make them stay put.)

3. Place another cloth over the blocks (usually a small square or round will work well.) at a diagonal.

4. Push fabric flat to the side of the box and use pearl corsage or boutineer pins to pin it to the box to secure the fabric.

5. Now you have levels to add pretty plates, risers and flowers to.  No boring buffet here!

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