Monday, May 7, 2007

Will Your DJ Cramp Your Style

The following article comes courtesy of Jay Kacik,
DJ/Owner of Standing Room Only

From time to time we will feature guest writers that we feel have great insider tips for you, and because sometimes we're just to lazy to write something ourselves.

Thanks Jay...

It's difficult to write about weddings without being too cliché. Yes, it is "your big day" and, of course, a most beautiful beginning to the rest of your life. The key phrase being, "the rest of your life," meaning you'll have plenty of time to look back on "your big day." What will you want to see? Perfection. Or at least something more attractive than a Gemini TR 100 speaker sprouting from your head. (Your guests might also better appreciate a party where they won't risk tripping over a monolithic lighting structure.)

It doesn't take but brief contact with a wedding deejay to know that he (or she--yes, a growing contingent) is proud of their equipment. Just a few words past "hello" with any of these gala gurus and sound school is in session. Get ready to nod agreeably to words like amplifier, subwoofer and Mackie DFX-6 6x2 compact live sound mixer with on-board effects. But, hey, these guys are the life of the party. A good deejay has to know not only how to pronounce your Uncle Krzyzewski's last name, but exactly how to train an amateur on a mic, the right balance of bass and treble as well as the optimal sound for the acoustics of the room. But with all the time, money and sanity invested in an event as big as your wedding, it's time too for the cool deejay toys to be heard and not seen.

With all of the work you put into designing the decor and "feel" of your wedding, a little extra time to make sure your DJ understands your vision will be time well spent. Florists tend to have a natural sense of style. They know where to put the flowers and how to arrange them properly. Djs are a whole different story! Look at pictures of your DJ's equipment from past weddings. Make sure their style fits in with your wedding and doesn't detract from the beauty of your wedding venue. Any good, professional DJ will coordinate the reception and play all the right songs to keep everyone dancing. But what will the DJ bring to your wedding? Cheese or Class?

It is your choice!

Writer credits:
Jared Ewy
Jay Kacik, DJ/Owner of Standing Room Only