Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just Elope Already!

An attorney suggesting that you represent yourself.

A mechanic not finding any additional problems that you need to take care of.

Paris Hilton taking responsibility for her actions.

A wedding coordinator suggesting that you elope.

“I’ll take things that will never happen for $500 please Alex.” Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Well get ready, because you’re about to witness the final item on that list. (In related news the temperature in hell today is a chilly 32 degrees Fahrenheit with a cold front moving in tonight.)

Your vision of eloping probably includes a light up Elvis, a free Vegas buffet and disgruntled relatives. Modern “eloping” has evolved into “destination weddings”, and it’s not just a new name but a new way to look at weddings. Simply go somewhere else.

Your wedding dreams can change overnight, quickly going from: fairy tales, flowers, dreams, doves, and layers of flowing organza to pushy relatives, budget limitations, hours fighting over seating charts, details, details, details. One minute you can’t stop looking at your new 1 carat princess cut diamond and the next morning you realize you’re going to pay $120 a guest, your mother wants to invite everyone she ever knew, thinks you should hang swags of lace and have huge centerpieces of babies breath and carnations. All of the sudden you find yourself hoping that your mother won’t be offended if you throw up all over her wedding book from Michaels.

Usually brides seriously consider eloping after 6 months of planning, when they just can’t take it anymore. At that point you’re 6 deposits in and stuck with 6 more months of your mother.

While we pride ourselves in reducing your stress planning your wedding and helping you Enjoy Your Event!, there are cases where it’s just better to find an amazing resort, a gorgeous dress and buy an airline ticket. We are not counselors. Likewise if you would love to come to Colorado for your get-a-way, we would love to help.

Couples have many reasons not to elope. Let us tell you the truth…

1-The laws are too confusing. I can’t get a license.
(Thanks to about.com) just click here to find your location. You can also get all the info you need on the internet. Research has never been easier.

Bahamas Example:
ID Requirement: Photo ID such as passport or driver's license. Additionally, you will need a sworn declaration to prove that you are not married. If you are a US citizen, this can be done at the US Consul at the American Embassy in Nassau. Others can have a notarized declaration.
Residency Requirement: 24 hours for either the bride or groom. You must provide evidence of the date of your arrival in The Bahamas.
Waiting Period: 24 hours.

2- I want my family and friends to come but don’t want them there for my honeymoon!

There are many ways to accommodate this.
Island hop! There are so many great Caribbean locals close to each other, you can marry at one and stow away to another secluded spot to sunbathe and sip the week away.
Resort Hop! Marry at one resort and then move to another. Sandals, Couples, Barbados, check other all inclusives

Stay with your family and friends the week prior and enjoy a vacation with them, then plan for them to check out and stay and enjoy a private honeymoon for the next week. (Your family and friends will understand. Be honest with them about your desire to have alone time.)

3- I will feel like I didn't get a real wedding.

You do not have to have a shotgun wedding. You are simply planning a wedding in another location. It is less work, less details and less guests. All of this leads to a relaxing and memorable day of bliss.

Pick an idealic beach or a thatched hut in a tropical local or stay at one of Las Vegas’ new super hotels, perhaps get married at the Terrace at The Bellagio. Take your family to Italy. Spend a week in Colorado’s Mountains.

Do whatever you need to do to Enjoy Your Event!