Thursday, May 10, 2007

Romantic Colorado Getaway

Gold Lake Resort
A YMCA camp? Yeah, really. I’m serious. Stop looking at me like that. Let me explain:

This resort used to be a YMCA camp.
Each cabin has been renovated to include log beds with feather tops, bathtubs carved out of rock, stained glass windows and the camp counselors have been removed for your enjoyment. Very cool.

As if that wasn’t cozy enough, just steps from your front door are rock hot tubs built into the side of the mountain with a view of Gold Lake. What could make this any more enjoyable? Some light snow, your man bringing you a hot cocoa by the fire that he built and then reading poetry to you. (OK so the poetry thing might be pushing it, but the rest sounds good right?) Oh, and don’t tell him that there are no TVs there, or be sure to go during a bye week.

Gold Lake Resort also boasts a Spa and Alice's Restaurant (awesome food)

It's ok if you want to sing...

"You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal, You can do whatever you feel ... "
Gold Lake Mountain Resort and Spa •
3371 Gold Lake Road, Ward, CO 80481 USA •