Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hiring a Great Photographer

Photo: Roddy Maccinnes

You've probably read many articles about how to spot a good photographer.

  • Make sure to see entire wedding albums, not just their highlight real. Anyone can get a few great shots.
  • Make sure he's great at lighting and focus. (no seriously, some are horrible!)
  • Make sure their style of photography matches your style. Asking them to be different creates a struggle for them. Photographers are artists, go with art you like.
  • Make sure you understand pricing and copyright details. You want to actually be able to have and use your photos.
These all make sense but...

Here's the real deal to picking a photographer... Pick one you really like! Personally. Think his photos are great but seems a bit snooty. Just walk away. Are you very quiet and is the photographer very bubbly and outgoing? Maybe better search elsewhere.

Why does this matter so much? Because of all your hired vendors, this one will be with you ALL DAY. Seriously. Hanging out in your room as you wait for those guests to sit, In the limo with you when you've just finished your ceremony, right next to you eating your cake... all day. It's why you're hiring her, so that you can remember it all. You'd better like her.

He should fit your personality and meld well with you as a couple, your wedding party and your family. This will make your day so much more enjoyable. You will relax more as will your photographer and to boot your photos will turn out better! Nothing says insincere photo like an uptight bridal party.

So take your time, interview people over email, over the phone and meet with them a couple times. Then pick your favorite and prepare to have a great day!

Photo: Mike Oliver