Monday, July 16, 2007

Nevermind, Just Send Gifts.

Former UCLA Basketball Coach Steve Lavin is getting married to actress Mary Jarou.
They have some great ideas for your wedding!

1. Pick a drop dead gorgeous resort location.
2. Invite everyone you ever met with an engraved invite.
3. Register at Tiffanys and Lexus.4.send an email and let them all know you changed your mind and you don’t want them to come.
(Be sure to include an address to mail your gifts to you at.)

You think we’re kidding?

Following is their actual email.
I don’t believe in Karma but this must have serious repercussions.
Update from the Jarou/Lavin wedding headquarters in Newport Beach. Unexpectedly we have received a stunning 95% RSVP on sent out wedding invitations. As a result, our wedding guest list has far exceeded the maximum capacity for a traditional ceremony and reception at The Montage Resort. After giving serious consideration to alternative plans we have decided the best option at this late stage is to head to Europe to create a magical wedding day. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences this change in our wedding plans may have caused you. We are sorry that we will not be able to share our big day with family and friends. We will be sure to send you photos of our wedding upon our return from Europe. Please confirm that you received this email. Thanks in advance for your understanding. Warm regards, Steve & Mary

To translate…
“I wanted you all to know about the hottie I’m marrying and wanted you to send us a fab gift, didn’t think you’d really spring for it, oops.”

We have some more ideas for the etiquette challenged.

go to the resorts web page and send an e-card

Send them a gift card ( and tell them "Here hope this pays the taxes on your room you already booked."

Just stick a post-it note to their office door “Hey, the bash is off, Steve”

These people are idiots.
Emily Post is rolling in her grave as we speak.

thanks to the following for finding the story first.

by the way… if you like the pictures goto and book yourself a room, I hear they have openings.