Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Get What You Really Want

Registries are great. You know your guests want to buy you something- you don't tell them what you want because that's just rude. You tell a store and they tell your guests- somehow it's different.
Do you really want a vacuum that cleans all the way down to the carpet pad or a canister set that will never ever be as shinny as when it came?
Well look no further. We know what you really want. Fiji- Bora Bora- Paris- Why not let your friends and family pay for it?

You can register for your dream honeymoon and it's easier than traditional registries. No returns, shipping costs or duplicates (not that you'd complain) Your guests can spend exactly what they wish.

A few tips so you come off looking like a blissful bride not a gold-digger.

Registry do's and don'ts

Do Register
Your guests want to buy you gifts and by registering, it saves your guests time from guessing what to get you and it ensures that you will not get things you don't want or need and saves time returning five of the same item!

Don't put off starting your registry
Once your family and friends know he 'popped the question', they will start preparing for the engagement party and bridal shower. You want to register up to 9 months in advance and it is never too late to register - use your registry for wedding gifts as well.

Do get the ‘word out'
Give your parents, bridesmaids and groomsman all of the details about your registry so they can start letting your guests know by ‘word of mouth'. If you have a wedding website, place your registry information on your website (don't forget to include the website address and telephone number). Use the announcement card or email service provided by your registry. Never send a registry announcement in your wedding invitation. An etiquette taboo! The one exception is the shower invitation.

Don't forget to consider more than one registry
There's no “correct” number of registries you can have. Get together with your future spouse and discuss what makes you both happy. Having a store registry and a honeymoon registry is a way to cover all the bases. Besides, it's more fun for your guest to purchase the gifts you want.

Do register for gifts in a range of prices
Registries are not only for engagement parities or showers; also use it for your wedding gifts. By having gift items in all price ranges this will ensure you don't leave anyone one out when it comes to their budget. Having a range of prices will allow guests to purchase lower price items for a shower and higher price items for a wedding gift.
Don't tell unless asked
It's plain tacky for you to tell your guests where you are registered unless asked of course

Do say thank you
Always send a hand written thank you card. Gifts received before the wedding should be sent within two weeks. Gifts received after the wedding should be received no later than 3 months after you return from your honeymoon. Don't forget to mention the gift by name.

(Do's and Don'ts courtesy Distinctive Honeymoons)