Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Social Event... It's time for your event to go viral.

Responsive Wedding Websites

Beautiful stationary is not lost and forgotten. 
We love great stationary to match your style.

But going social is a great addition for your guests.

They can spend all that down time checking out all your gorgeous couples photos and planning how they'll party the weekend away. 
 It's also a great way for you to alert guests ahead of time as to how you want to do something special.

Your Wedding Web Site

There are a ton of awesome sites available for you to choose from to design your very own web site.

Some of our favorites are...

There are many more! Find one you love that fits your style. (Just Google it!)

Pages to include on your web site...

-Lots of gorgeous pictures.

-A short story about how he proposed or how you met.

- A who is who of your bridal party & moms and dads if you wish.

-A registries page.
Be sure to be humble and funny. It's better to include this here than in formal mailed stationary.
You could title the tab 'Dreams' or 'Wishes'.
At the top of your page you could say...
“All I want for Christmas... is you!” or “All we want for our wedding is you! But if you insist, we came up with some things we crazy love.” or “You shouldn't have!”
(Register at 2-3 places. Places that are convenient for your guests. Close to where they live. A great online store with free or inexpensive shipping. Make sure to register for many inexpensive items as well as a few large items. That way there is something for everyone and even options if several people want to go together for you.)

- Destination weekend information.
- Hotel info. Let guests know where you've blocked rooms off and where you think the majority of people are staying. Side notes are also helpful. Like “This hotel is a little bit more but offers shuttles to _____ and is very close to ______.” and then also offer a less expensive option so that guests don't have to hunt for their own hotel in an unknown city.
-Weekend activities/Schedules- Let guests know what's going on. Planned events like rehearsal, dinner, ceremony and reception- as well as other things that any one who wishes to go can do- Sporting events, tours, comedy clubs, etc. Include whose invited to what- they won't mind. They'll just be glad to know what is expected.
-Local info- your favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream joints and the like. Don't know the area? Don't fret, just use yelp!

-Don't be too wordy on your site. They love you but have other things to do. (remember to have a great ratio of pictures to words to keep people's attention.)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

There will be photos.
More than you ever dreamed.
You could ask guests to not take any but that seems a bit Mariah Carey.
A better idea is to just remember that the cameras are always on.

Make a little sign...
“Make us look good!

Use these great new wedding add on's in your event!