Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Best Client

Ever wonder what an Events Coordinators son’s birthday looks like?

-Whatever he imagines.

Our children are not spoiled. We work very hard to make sure they don’t get all the things their grandparents want them to have and nothing from the kids shopping network. But when it comes to birthdays, the Mom and Party Expert in me collide to create amazing things. I want my boys to remember their birthdays when they’re 30. It drives our friends mad.

These 2 crazy boys are my favorite clients. I love to spend weeks with them planning their parties.
This year David my 5 year old designed his own cake (and then supervised the implementation). He had very specific ideas about decorations, was very decisive and showed great imagination and foresight. He knew what he wanted and how it would look. Genetically, I’ve never been more proud. On a related note, Graham our other son punched a kid in soccer- my husband had never been so proud.