Friday, May 23, 2008

Balloons Like A Pro

You’ve blown up a huge bouquet of balloons- or you’ve way overpaid for high float filled glimmering globes from the party store. You walk out the door and hear a dreadful and familiar sound. (you know if you’ve heard it) It sounds like boxing balloons on crack. You look up and your pricey bouquet is spiraling into a tight weave sweater of ribbons. “Great, that’s just how I wanted them to look.”

First of all you should always blow up balloons in the location they will be used if ever possible. Shiny latex balloons and wind and sun don’t mix. Your balloons will quickly resemble those droopy little hangers off real estate signs- dull, wrinkly and not celebratory.

Second of all you should know balloons take forever to fill and tie but lose luster after 3 hours. So if you have more important plans, hire someone else to do it.

You’ve made your calculations and it turns out you’ll have to trek outside. All is not lost. Your savior today…chip clips.

1. You’ll need the smaller size (~3”) or your balloons will lie on the floor. You’ll need clips with grip that won’t cut ribbon. (test it on a scrap piece of ribbon). Small Bread clips also work.

2. Next divide your balloons into bunches. If they are going to be divided at the location, do it right now. You’ll have less work later. If you will keep hundreds together then divide them into manageable bunches (10-15).

3. Grip the bunch and pull the ribbons with the other hand until all
the balloons are touching your hand.

4. Attach your clip as close to the
balloons as possible. (less ribbon equals less movement.)

THE CAR- (This is where many people lose their hours of work by unintentional balloon releases and bursts on sharp garages.)

1.Back your car into the garage and open hatch/back.

2. Have one person sit in front seat and CLOSE THE DOOR. (or you’ll create a wind tunnel)

3. Carry up to 4 bundles at a time to back of car and hand ribbons to your front seat assistant.

4. Tell them not to let go ever! Or your balloons will be sucked out.

5. Close back & drive carefully. It’s hard to see.

6. When you arrive have your front seat assistant hold all ribbons before opening doors.

(The division of wildlife has asked and (banned in locations) the release of balloons. While it looks cool for 30 seconds, it’s shiny to animals and blocks their stomachs when swallowed. It’s gross I’ve seen pictures. )