Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Brilliant Idea from NBC

The Real Wedding Crashers premieres tonight on the network that brought you such classics as Manimal and Joey and then gave Donald Trump a primetime slot for his ego. Thanks NBC, YOU’RE FIRED!*

The Real Wedding Crashers is a new reality show in which the bride and groom invite a team of actors to come and prank their wedding. Their catchphrase is “Nothing’s safe: not the cake, not the dress, not even the ceremony!” Guests will be shocked at the waiter who’s eating the appetizers, the minister who answers his cell phone during the vows, and the caterer who drops the cake. At the end of the show the guests and relatives will be let in on the ruse and will realize that they’ve just made a fool of themselves on national television. To save face for the TV audience they will laugh and smile, “Good one! You got me!” but deep down they will be wishing that they had bought the cheap salad spinner instead of splurging on the 300 thread count, goose down comforter.

Great Grandma Bertha will never quite understand that it was all a setup or why something like that would be funny, and your friends who were goaded into heated arguments with the actors you hired will feel like you betrayed them. Trust me on this, by the time it’s all over Al Capone and Eliot Ness will have had a better relationship than you will with your friends.

I’m not sure why anyone not named Ashton Kutcher would want to do this to their guests.

*Disclaimer: This phrase is NOT used with the express written permission of Donald Trump who will most likely own this blog before you are done reading it.