Friday, March 28, 2008

The Best Bridal Diet

OK, we lied. No miracle weight-loss here.

The diet-industry is a thriving money making misconception. They know large percentages of people are emotionally distraught about our bodies- and they are willing
to capitalize on it
help. They also know that brides are prime targets. The most important day of your life is fast approaching and you want to look like a smoking hottie.

Maybe it’s those nagging 10lbs that have been plaguing you for years and maybe it’s much more. Dieting is NOT the avenue to success. We live in a society of immediate gratification and minimal effort. We want everything now and we don’t want to do anything for it. Weight-loss is no different.

So you’ve decided to do something about it. You’ve put off buying your wedding dress and desperately Googled weight loss. Hey, you’re in luck, the entire first page has miracle quick-fix promises. (Oh, and you can get rich quick from home too.) “Rapid weight loss,” “Drop pounds without exercise,” “Just eat our dinners and lose 30 lbs.” Magic. Magic. Magic. You’ve seen them all over your TV and in your email. Somewhere inside you there is an intelligent person, someone who knows better than to believe these empty promises. You’re not 5 and this is not abracadabra.

Yo-yo dieting is not only dangerous, it is counter-productive. After you come off that 6 month miracle rice-cake diet, you’ll gain even more weight back. Early married life is a whole new life to get used to. You don’t need to throw in weight gain too. So what can you do?

Weddings are stressful. Diets are stressful. This is not the time for a double whammy. Please spare your fiancĂ© 6 months of cranky. “Oooh, oooh, I’m so glad I decided to marry this crabby woman.” It is too easy to focus your entire life on your one day vision. We know it’s the most important day of your life (it’s why we’re in business, to get you there in fabulous style). While you are planning your wedding you need to also focus on your life beyond. That’s what this is all about- a celebration of your new life together. Prepare for it too, not just for your bash.

If you want something, then go get it. Isn’t it much better to start your marriage as a healthy (albeit buff and hot) couple. It is much more beneficial to learn how to eat well and to introduce a healthy lifestyle. Do it together. You’ll keep each other accountable, you’ll stick with it and earn a hot husband too! Take up a sport together, go to the gym together, have weight lifting contests (muscles look hot and help you metabolize your food better), walk together, take a healthy cooking class (ahhh, a husband who can cook), register for healthy cookbooks from the American Heart Association and other sources (they will help you make healthy taste good). Also register for low-fat cooking items; non-stick pans, steamers, and grills (no deep fryers- it’s like ordering 10 extra pounds).

Don’t avoid food. Celebrations and our lives center on food. Everything in moderation. Don’t miss this amazing time. Celebrate it!

American Heart Association Health
American Heart Association Cookbooks
Williams-Sonoma New Healthy Kitchen Series Cookbooks
Online Cookbook at Cooking Light
Web Md Health & Eating
Colorado Cooking Schools
Mise En Place- Denver
Cook Street- Denver
The Seasoned Chef-Denver
Come Back To The Table- Fort Collins

Make a vacation out of it
Conscious Gourmet- Across the United States
Cuisinart Resort- Anguilla

OK, now go for it. Call your fiancé and hatch a plan- then tell us about it in the comments.
We will publish your plan and your success along with wedding, honeymoon, and pictures of the two of you.
Come on, get ready to show off…

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