Friday, October 19, 2007

New Colorado Site!

Denver Botanic Gardens

at Chatfield

Open House

The Fabulous Denver Botanic Gardens has a new undertaking. A quiet little (ok the preserve is 700 acres in not small) farm right off C-470 and Wadsworth. It's like a time jump- off the highway and into calm, into peace, into a longstanding (19th century) ranch & schoolhouse. You can faintly see cars going by in the distance- you just can't hear them.
Your drive in is a picturesque view of a red barn with natural gardens all around.
But when you enter the barn, it's not so 'farm'- no dusty shoes here, no animal smell, no horse tack- just brand new gorgeous wood walls and beams and concrete floor. Even an indoor real bathroom.

A quaint little room. Really ready to be dressed up.
No adding
"please wear appropriate attire"
(read flat shoes and nothing angered by dirt) on your invitation.

seating indoor ~120 guests-150 guests

When entering the barn... an amazing smell! (ok, that's extra) If you're interested in this 'add on' call
Rocky Mountain Catering

In order...
1- Great Smell
2- Great Display
3- Great Food

-The most upscale toast points, fresh salsa, we've ever seen. These people can make even the simplest look and taste amazing.

-Crusted Beef Tenderloin served with smooth, unique and very well made sauces.

-Fresh Spinach Salad with blue-cheese, walnuts and raspberries.

-Bite size chocolate pastries

These people are a world away from their bbq roots (which they still do if you'd like- and they are great at it)

Thanks Rocky Mountain, you can make me dinner anytime.

thanks also to County Line Liquor.

Also available at Chatfield: Deer Creek Schoolhouse