Friday, September 7, 2007

Your Vendor's Idea of Service

Sometimes we are really appalled at the level of service of some vendors.
(it should be noted that most go out of their way to offer you great service- but that's not note-worthy)

You would think in the millions of dollars to be had in the wedding industry, that vendors would really consider the stress causing affects of their everyday demands.

What you do not want to do before and after your wedding. (Ya, we don't want to do it either!)
Before Your Wedding:
-Get initial fitting for tux

-Call tux shop to fix order

-Drive an hour to pick up altered dress from seamstress because it was the only option.

-Return to tux shop to remeasure

-Go to pick up tux on Thursday

-Go back Friday to get tux coat and realize they didn't order it

-Go back morning of wedding to get coat (we've now been to the tux shop more than their UPS man)

After Your Wedding:

-Return cake plates (seriously? they must cost like $10)

-Return tuxes (they can't order them right, but you'd better return them the next morning!)

-Return vases (They're huge, don't crack them!)

We would like to suggest vendors offer 'Stress-Free Perks'
You could sell our Brides on these little seemingly insignificant savers- we'd book you for it!