Monday, August 20, 2007

Honoring 30 Year Boulder School Teacher

A fitting retirement celebration

Congratulations Tracy Tuttle


Thank You for the love and energy
you've poured into Boulder County's 1st graders.

Thanks to Sunshine Cemetery Committee for allowing us to use this fabulous site.

A little about this historic 1 room school house...
Sunshine School (added 1989 - Building - #89000982) Boulder County - 355 Co. Rd. 83, Sunshine (less then 1 acres, 1 building)
Historic Significance: Event, Architecture/Engineering
Architectural Style: Classical Revival
Area of Significance: Architecture, Exploration/Settlement
Period of Significance: 1900-1924, 1925-1949
Owner: Local Gov't
Historic Function: Education

Thanks to Carol & Kerry Walsh from

Kacee's Wine & Spirits

for a great wine tasting!

Boulder County Kids...

Be on the lookout for a mysterious substitute teacher.